Yes! My name is really Scott Fix...just ask my dad, Richard Fix, just don’t call him Dick.  You can just call me FIX.

I was born in Bellflower, CA; back when classic rock was just ROCK!

My earliest memory of music is the Beatles…Hey Jude to be specific. The folks were rockers, Dad was a CCR fan and Mom was into the Doors…Both like the Beatles.

The Road to radio was a long one. I worked a lot of odd jobs (Doctor, Lawyer, Rocket Scientist, etc) but none of them felt right to me. I did work in record stores for almost all of the 80’s where I was able to build up my Classic Rock collection & knowledge.

I got into radio by way of the Academy of Radio Broadcasting (thanks brother Ron!).

I went on to do mornings at a station in Mammoth Lakes, all the while snowboarding in the afternoon. Life was good.

Well, one thing leads to another...and I am now living in the AV and rocking the weekends on the 93-5 The Quake!

Classic Rock Rules!